Crocs @ Zilba Footwear

We received our first delivery of Crocs ''Beach Clogs'' in 2006 and we knew we were onto a good thing because we sold 5 pairs out of the box as we were unpacking them!  It was as though people could smell them a mile away!

Crocs Classic Clogs

It was all about bright colors back then and we had red, lime green, sea blue and yellow.  Next came the ''Crocs Thongs'' and our customers loved them to.  Each season after that Crocs offered more new styles made from the same unique foam resin Croslite.  Sandals, high heels, slides, boots, sneakers and ballets we've seen just about everything!  

Crocs Brooklyn Wedge

The original Clogs have always been the best seller though and in recent times the colorful clog has made a come back.  The new wave of comfy fashion goes perfectly with a pair of Crocs.  An active lifestyle and outdoor activities require comfy washable shoes and you just cant beat a trusty pair of Crocs.

Crocs foam resin is also very comfortable for many people suffering from various foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Arthritis, Heel spurs and Bursitis.  

Crocs will always have pride of place in our stores.  We love them because they make our customers feet happy.  We look forward to buying each new range for our customers to enjoy and wondering what Crocs will come up with next? 

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