Tails from the Shop Front, By Bobbi the BirkenDog

Hello  wonderful shoe buying masses!
Its great to be an essential worker, back on the Terrace, courtesy of ScoMo's Dog Keeper Payments.

Birkenstock Dog
Nothing pawsonal, staying at home with my Humum, wasn't keeping my selling skills as finely honed as i would like, so here I am, back on Gargoyle duties!
However, there is much more to my role than greeting you with steely indifference.
Many of you may not realize that one sniff of your perfumed metatarsuls tells me a lot about you shoe needs.
I know Glenda from Goomborian's slender paw works wonderfully in our Ecco range and Matt from Marcus Beach's glorious, wide paw, is perfect in our Florsheim Range.
It is at this point of the customer service experience that I leave you in the capable hands of my Minion (oops, I mean my Humum), and resume my Sun baking Duties on the Terrace, protecting you whilst you shop from any marauding ants and such.

Birkenstock Dog
So pop and in and reward yourself today, we are always getting in new styles for our two legged friends.

By Bobbi the BirkenDog