Why Are Skechers So Comfy?

We've been selling Skechers at Zilba Footwear for a long time, about 12 years.  Our customers just love them and keep coming back for new pairs each season.  Everybody tells us that Skechers are their fav walking shoes and they just live in them because they are so comfy!

Actually they cant believe how comfy they are compared to other sports brands they've had before they discovered Skechers.  We often get asked ''Why are Skechers so comfy?''

The answer is simple... CUSHIONING 

Skechers have a lot more cushioning compared to other sports brands because Skechers only promise walking!  Most Skechers are specifically designed for normal everyday people to walk in.  Not for high level athletes doing intense sports.  

This means Skechers can pack in extra cushioning for you.  That's why you feel like you are walking on a cloud in Skechers.  Makes sense now right?  So if you're an everyday person that loves to walk then you will probably love wearing Skechers and live in them happily ever after too. 

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