Bernie Mev was originally founded in 1974 in the USA and made traditional women's footwear that was only sold domestically. Recognizing its potential, Itamar and Rachel Carmi partnered with Bernie Mev in 2000, and by 2008 he had bought the company in its entirety and transformed it into an original lifestyle brand. Today Bernie Mev is sold globally, from department stores to high-end boutiques to local and independent stores They put a vision of flexibility, comfort, and chic into reality with their signature hand woven elastic uppers and memory foam insoles, catering to all feet. Their technology continues to perfect a shoe that responds to every step taken by supporting the arch, absorbing shock, and rebounding in motion. Tehir use of unique technology, innovative constructions, creative materials, and prolific colors has won a devout legion of followers across the globe.
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